Welcome to the ESA Business Incubation Centre Harwell

The space you need to get your business idea off the ground.

For any start-up, spin-out or entrepreneur, coming up with a great idea is just the first step. Turning it quickly and effectively into a winning commercial offering can be an even bigger challenge.

The European Space Agency Business Incubation Centre Harwell (PDF - 996kB - link opens in a new window) (ESA BIC Harwell) helps you to meet this challenge, enabling you to leverage the funding, support, skills and facilities you need to transform space technology and systems into a successful, vibrant, non space related business.

The next deadlines for ESA BIC applications in 2016 are 9th May and 17th October.

Latest News

  • 02 February 2016

    EMFcomp - New ESA BIC Harwell Incubatee Interview

    We spoke to Dr Richard Findlay and Tom Turner from EMFcomp, a recent addition to the ESA BIC Harwell, about how they are developing innovative human modelling techniques that will allow them to quantify the adverse health effects that can be caused by electromagnetic fields....
  • 14 January 2016

    IPF Africa launch new app seeCrop!

    IPF Africa launches new precision farming app seeCrop!...



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The ESA BIC Harwell has an open call for proposals, which means that applications can be submitted at any time.
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