Our Alumni

There have been 47 companies which have already graduated from the ESA BIC Harwell


ACT Ltd (RealTag)
Mike Le Quelenec, David McGee and Scott Goodwin
RealTag (link opens in a new window)is a tech start up developing space technology to empower consumers to check if their products are authentic – simply by using a smartphone.RealTag’s team is developing a 3D tag that is practically impossibleto copy and can be individually read by every smartphone.

Mark Evans
Adaptix (link opens in a new window) is a medical diagnostics company that is exploiting microemitter array X-ray technology to develop a portable X-ray source with 3 dimensional capabilities.

Archangel (link opens in a new window) develop and operate some of the most advanced aerospace systems on the planet.

Bennamann Ltd
Chris Mann and Mike Bennett
Bennamann (link opens in a new window) has designed a solution to enable the generation and storage of bio-methane for distributed domestic power generation and heating.

Bounts Ltd
John Stuart
Bounts Ltd (link opens in a new window) have created a mobile application, Bounts, which motivates and engages people to be more active and do more exercise through a reward scheme.

Chilton Tech Ltd
Derek Jenkins
Chilton Tech Ltd are developing microneedle arrays for use in healthcare applications.

Cornerstone Oxford Ltd
Stephen McNeilly and John Lange
Cornerstone Oxford conducts venture research and innovation, developing products and services that incorporate advanced engineering and computer technologies from space, science and technology sectors.

Conrad Shields
Democrata (link opens in a new window)is using the powerful analytics of the Hartree Centre to automate environmenta limpact assessments and better predict risk.

Mike Kelly
e-canal (link opens in a new window) specialises in the development of location based services for inland waterways.

Electric Wonderland (GigBug)
Ramona Behraven
Electric Wonderland is working on the creation of an innovative and comprehensive gig searching app known as Gigbug (link opens in a new window)

Tim Fernando
Esplorio (link opens in a new window)is a travel startup, who through mobile application technology aim to provide aneasy way for people to record, relive and share their travels.

G2 Way Ltd
Keith Geary
G2way Ltd (link opens in a new window) joined ESA BIC Harwell in July 2011 with their LLEO (Low Level Earth Observation) project, using electrically powered micro Unmanned Aerial Vehicles carrying cameras to evaluate farmers' crops in the field.

Kim Partington
GeoCento (link opens in a new window) provides innovative web-based technologies and services for selecting, planning and accessing satellite imagery.

Geospatial Insight Ltd
Dave Fox
Geospatial Insight Ltd (link opens in a new window) are workingtowards the launch of “CopperWatch”- an innovative product using a range of earth observation sources to monitor the status of the copper supply chain.

Heimdall Ltd (Quickbird)
Quickbird build cutting-edge software that helps farmers make better decisions, boost farm profitability and improve staff productivity. They’ve connected all manner of devices, from potato batteries to factory equipment.

Peter Lilley and Charlie Davies
iGeolise (link opens in a new window) have built a Travel Time Platform that locates content by travel time rather than distance.

Insect Research Systems Ltd
Dr Taff Morgan
Insect Research Systems Ltd (link opens in a new window) have developed technology for monitoring bed bugs in hotel rooms for the near-real time detection of their diagnostic chemical signatures. They have based their developments on expertise originally developed for ESA's Rosetta Mission.

Mark Habgood
Instantview (link opens in a new window) developed their smartphone application which helps insurers reduce the costs of administering claims.

Roger Dewell and Andrew Larkins
Interasight (link opens in a new window) adapted sensing technologies developed in the space industry for terrestrial use.

IPF Africa (seeCrop)
Max Dafforn
IPF Africa (link opens in a new window)have designed the seeCrop app to allow farmers in southern Africa to monitor their crops for damage using satellite imagery.

KEIT Spectrometers
Jolyon Tidmarsh
KEIT Spectrometers (link opens in a new window) are developing a spectrometer originally developed to measure water vapour on Mars to have applications here on earth.

ManagePlaces Ltd
Georgios Michalakidis and Aaron Mason
ManagePlaces Ltd (link opens in a new window) has developed a web and mobile based workflow management system that uses location-based tracking to help organisations manage their tasks efficiently.

Amanda Mackrill
Mapskey are using GPS and smartphone technology to produce intelligent personalised itineraries of activities or goods and services.

Neil Sykes
Micronanics (link opens in a new window)provides laser micro-machining services and operated the Laser Solutions Centre based at Harwell.

Mohammed Belal
MIRICO develops analytical instruments based on innovative designs that primarily use lasers emitting light in the middle infrared (2 – 25 microns) part of the spectrum. Their aim is to provide well-targeted analytical instruments with unique advantages of compactness, and robustness without compromises to performance.

Oxford Micro Medical Ltd
Phil Prewett and Ejaz Huq
Oxford Micro Medical Ltd utilises technology originally created for the Rosetta Space Mission to develop a novel mass spectrometer for healthcare applications.

Oxford nanoSystems
David Gahan and Alex Reip
Oxford nanoSystems (link opens in a new window) developed nanocoatings to help improve efficiency and reduce carbon emissions in heating and cooling systems.

Oxford Space Structures
Fujia Chen and Julian Jantke
Oxford Space Structures (link opens in a new window) have used the technology used to deploy ESA Alphasat satellite and incorporated into a baby travel cot design.

Oxiway Ltd (MeVitae)
Riham Satti and Vivek Doraiswamy
MeVitae is the first-ever cognitive recruitment agency that makes intelligent and personalised hiring decisions, acting as a recruiter's sixth sense.

Precision Sport Technologies Ltd
Alexander Oviawe
Precision Sports Technologies Ltd (link opens in a new window) is a sports-science technology company that specialises in the development of innovative and advanced elite sports training and medical systems.

Tom Dawson
Rescon researches, develops and delivers human performance technologies and services to help individuals, populations and communities to be better and at their best. Read more about Rescon

Tim Vallings
Rezatec are developing a software platform enabling organisations to resolve business issues caused by environmental change.

Satsafe Ltd
Stuart Millward
Satsafe Technologies develops GPS enables security and safety products and services for consumer and business applications.

Sci-Tech (POB) Ltd
Christine Edwards and Peter Hall
Sci-Tech (POB) Ltd (link opens in a new window) developed a rugged waterproof tracking and alarm system.

SeeCycle Ltd
Daniel Warner
SeeCycle develops unique and exciting technology to keep cyclists safe on our roads.

Dirk Klugmann
Sensors and Atmospheric Science Ltd (S&AO) - atmospheric observations and industrial sensors, Radar Wind Profilers, Radar Cloud Profilers and Lidars (Light radars).

Joe Dunne
SubTeraNDT (link opens in a new window) used millimetre wave technology to develop non-destructive testing and inspection under coatings and insulation for a range of industries.

Tim Thornton
TeamSurv (link opens in a new window) record and submit the position and depth of seagoing vessels and then process and display the data on the website.

Teratech Components Ltd
Byron Alderman
Teratech Components Ltd provides reliable technology at a cost that enables their customers to exploit the commercial potential of the terahertz spectral band.

Terra Recovery
Michael Thornton
Terra Recovery are using remote sensing data to develop a technology which identifies landfills that can be economically mined for resources.

The Electrospinning Company
Ann Kramer
The Electrospinning Company (link opens in a new window) is a leading provider of highly consistent and easy to use electrospun scaffolds for regenerative medicine and drug discovery.

Trade10 Ltd
Will Flint
Trade10 is an innovative new procurement platform designed to streamline the electrical trade industry's buying process. By combining an extensive supplier database, competitive bidding technology and location based stock tracking, it is a powerful tool that facilitates impressive cost and time reductions. The platform aims to improve the efficiency of the construction sector by reducing delivery delays and enable more intelligent buying decisions to be made.

Travel AI
Andreas Zachariah
Travel AI (link opens in a new window) developed their smartphone application which automatically monitors transport methods and times without the users input.

Vidrona Ltd
Derek Jenkins
Vidrona are developing state-of-the-art proprietary computer vision algorithms for UAV or drone video analysis and analytics.


David Mills
Weathersafe (link opens in a new window) provides remote management information, intelligence and solutions for agricultural and food supply chain stakeholders.

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